ID: 10066
Date Submitted: 1/5/2010
Breed: Boston Terrier
Date Purchased: 7/16/2009
Breeder:  Collins, Helena Marie
Petshop:  Petland #160
Details: kennel cough; bronchial issues; luxating patellas, demodectic mange

ID: 9184
Date Submitted: 8/20/2009
Breed: Pug
Date Purchased: 8/16/2009
Breeder:  Bonham, Harry & Wanda
Petshop:  Petland
Details: Healthy

ID: 9173
Date Submitted: 8/19/2009
Breed: Maltese
Date Purchased: 3/5/2009
Breeder:  Jones, Ron & Pat
Petshop:  Petland
Details: Three sperate surgeries for a salivary gland removal

ID: 9151
Date Submitted: 8/15/2009
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Date Purchased: 7/26/2009
Breeder:  Bixler, Jack & Debbie
Petshop:  Animal Kingdom AKA Companion Pets
Details: Respiratory infection; coccidia; giardia

ID: 9009
Date Submitted: 7/22/2009
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Date Purchased: 7/19/2009
Breeder:  Schroeder, Bobby & Lori
Petshop:  The Puppy Experience AKA American K9 Club
Details: healthy

ID: 8892
Date Submitted: 6/30/2009
Breed: Rat Terrier
Date Purchased: 6/30/2009
Breeder:  Kinnick, Debra
Petshop:  Animal Kingdom
Details: URI.

ID: 8757
Date Submitted: 6/5/2009
Breed: Schipperke
Date Purchased: 1/31/2009
Breeder:  Carter, Sandra
Petshop:  The Puppy Palace
Details: Legg-Calve Perthes, requiring surgery

ID: 8736
Date Submitted: 6/1/2009
Breed: Bullmastiff
Date Purchased: 5/29/2009
Breeder:  Deterding, Dee
Petshop:  Petland
Details: Healthy

ID: 8539
Date Submitted: 4/28/2009
Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Date Purchased: 2/8/2009
Breeder:  Gibler, Yvette
Petshop:  Petland AKA Peter's Pets
Details: Giarda

ID: 8240
Date Submitted: 3/18/2009
Breed: Pug
Date Purchased: 3/18/2009
Breeder:  Curtis, Kathie & Denney, Nancy
Petshop:  The Puppy Palace
Details: Healthy

ID: 8042
Date Submitted: 2/21/2009
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Date Purchased: 2/16/2009
Breeder:  Fisher, Artha Jo
Petshop:  Best Price Pups of Broward
Details: Severe pneumonia and numerous other infections.

ID: 7970
Date Submitted: 2/11/2009
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Date Purchased: 1/13/2009
Breeder:  Masner, Nelda & Brant
Petshop:  World Wide Aquarium & Pets
Details: Kennel cough.

ID: 7938
Date Submitted: 2/8/2009
Breed: Dachshund
Date Purchased: 2/7/2009
Breeder:  Kruse, Lou Ann
Petshop:  Petland
Details: Healthy

ID: 7239
Date Submitted: 11/20/2008
Breed: Beagle
Date Purchased: 1/15/2008
Breeder:  King, Tim Jr.
Petshop:  Petland Tampa West
Details: Kennel cough; giardia; coccidia.


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