ID: 1408
Breed: Bichon Frise
Breeder:  Troyer, Amos *
Broker:  Noethe, Patti & John
Details: Jock seemed healthy by us & vet on the day we bought him, until 11/13/06 when he had his shots from  the vet. Bordetella, Corona Virus, DHLPP LA, Rabies Virus & Dewormer. 2 hours later his eyes began to swell & we brought him back to the  Pet Hospital where they gave him benadryl & steroids & watched him for 2 hours. The swelling went down the next day & he has had diarrhea now since then 11/15-18th I am concerned maybe this is not a reaction to the shots?


Name: Honey's Grooming Parlor
Address: 11827 S. Pulaski Road
City: Alsip
State: IL
Zip: 60803

Nothing to report.