ID: 2377
Breed: Siberian Husky
Breeder:  Ray Burkhart
Broker:  Unknown
Details: I had my beloved husky Shadow for 6 1/2 years. He passed away on 3/21/07. He was like one of my kids. He was acting perfectly normal the day before and up to his mischievous ways. No vomiting, foaming at mouth, nothing.My oldest son went to let him out of his crate to let him outside and he passed away in his sleep which was the best way to go , but I have had a hard time accepting WHY - the vet told me he could have had a heart attack which was likely since he was so active the day before. I actually wanted to contact the breeder to see if there were heart problems anywhere in his family history. He was the BEST HUSKY any one could ask for- very gentle and loyal and loving. I cry everyday for him along with my 4 children. It has ripped us apart. Is it possible to contact the owner ?

Unfortunately, this breeder was unlicensed by USDA and I have no information in my databases.  I also had nothing on the pet store, that may be out of business or moved since your purchased your dog.  I'm sorry I couldn't help.


Name: Family Pet Centers
Address: Aviation Mall
City: Glens Falls
State: NY

Nothing to report.