ID: 3309
Breed: Maltese
Breeder:  Christine McConnell
Broker:  Unknown
Details: Within just a few hours of picking up my puppy she was constantly scratching and biting at her skin especially her hind legs and tail. I took her to the Vet two days later where I found out she tested positive for Giardia and coccidiosis. She also had a skin condition which took several visits to the same vet as well as different vets for second opinions. Her condition was hard to diagnose because of her size and her skin being like paper. My dog was finally diagnosed with Sarcoptic mange. She has suffered greatly due to this condition. Her hind legs are missing all hair. She has undergone skin graphs and has been on many medications since I've gotten her in hopes of healing her condition.


Name: Pawfect Puppies
Address: 1244 Clintonville St.
City: Whitestone
State: NY
Zip: 11357

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