ID: 3923
Breed: Shih Tzu
Breeder:  David G Martin
Broker:  Unknown
Details: had a cold, runny nose and fever.

ID: 2888
Breed: Pug
Breeder:  Martin, Luke & Lois *
Broker:  Unknown
Details: pup has pectus excuvatum abnormality

ID: 2826
Breed: Maltese
Breeder:  Martin, John & Mary *
Broker:  Unknown
Details: At the time we purchased our puppy, he was ill with intestinal parasites.  The Frazer Zoo covered the cost of medications.  By the age of two, Baby has been diagnosed with having juvenille cataracts in both eyes.  He was sold as a purebred Maltese puppy, however at 16 pounds it is obvious he is a mixed breed.

Note: Address listed by customer is 303 Mill Road.  This breeder is part of the large Amish network of breeders in PA, many with the same first and last names.  I am unsure whether this is the correct breeder, or a family member with the same name.

ID: -291
Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Breeder:  Kathy Arroyo
Broker:  Unknown
Details: He is very timid and has a fear aggression.  And he gets colds alot.


Name: Frazer Zoo
Address: 235 Lancaster Avenue
City: Frazer
State: PA
Zip: 19355

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