ID: 2512
Breed: Puggle
Breeder:  J West
Broker:  Unknown
Details: When they were purchased, they both had parasites, which we had to pay for, and the female was coughing a lot and had hair loss in multiple spots on her body, mostly her sides and the top of her head.  We brought them to the vet the next day and he told us to return the female.  We didn't.  They both got better and made a great recovery.  The male developed demodedic mange at about 6 months, but he has also made a full recovery since. 

The name of the breeder is what was on the card that they had posted next to the dogs.  The pet store has no A/C and it was the middle of August.  I went in there not long ago and they had more puggles for sale, these looked different than my puggles.  One was sick and coughing, but the owner still offered to sell it to us for the price of $200, even though she had it in a separate kennel and knew it was sick.  They only have puppies.  They don't know what breed some dogs are and they sell for $40-$70 each. 

I realize that I made a mistake by purchasing these dogs, I felt that I rescued them from this store but I know that all I did was make her a profit for sick dogs that were barely 6 weeks old.

ID: -2509
Breed: Boston Terrier
Breeder:  Linda Brown
Broker:  Unknown
Details: Died of pneumonia.


Name: Helga's Pampered Pets
Address: 703 Providence Blvd.
City: Clarksville
State: TN
Zip: 37042

Nothing to report.