ID: 12479
Breed: Great Pyrenees
Breeder:  Lapp, Benuel
Broker:  Unknown
Details: Intestinal parasites; kennel cough; suspected hip displaysia, but not yet diagnosed.

ID: 2197
Breed: Pomeranian
Breeder:  :Stoltzfus, David & Naomi
Broker:  Unknown
Details: Kennel cough

ID: -3488
Breed: Malti-poo
Breeder:  Wadel, Keith & Cathy
Broker:  Unknown
Details: healthy.

ID: -3079
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
Breeder:  Stoltzfus, Henry
Broker:  Unknown
Details: Does not appear purebred; never received registration papers

ID: -2775
Breed: Bichon Frise
Breeder:  Hershey, Shirley
Broker:  Unknown
Details: Healthy

ID: -519
Breed: Siberian Husky
Breeder:  King, Abner Wayne
Broker:  Unknown
Details: healthy


Name: Pet Wonderland
Address: 757-759 Kidder Street
City: Wilkes Barre
State: PA
Zip: 18702

Information on Pennysylvania Puppy Lemon Laws can be found here: In addition to this, Libby Williams with New Jersey Consumers Against Pet Store Abuse has invaluable resources for Pennsylvania consumers' rights after purchasing a puppy. Please visit NJCAPSA at