ID: 11365
Date Submitted: 6/23/2010
Breed: Bulldog
Date Purchased: 11/23/2006
Broker:  The Hunte Corporation
Petshop:  Petland
Details: Growth plate in left knee needed surgical repair twice with permanent stitches in place, all before he was a year old. Cheery eye surgery twice. Breathing palate is deformed making it hard for him to breath in any weather conditions.

ID: 7557
Date Submitted: 12/22/2008
Breed: French Bulldog
Date Purchased: 10/21/2004
Broker:  The Hunte Corporation
Petshop:  Pet's Plus Inc.
Details: Healthy.

ID: 2799
Date Submitted: 5/28/2007
Breed: Bolognese
Date Purchased: 12/17/2004
Broker:  The Hunte Corporation
Petshop:  Animal Kingdom AKA Puppies in Love The Pet Pad
Details: Parvo; allergies

ID: 2186
Date Submitted: 3/1/2007
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Date Purchased: 11/28/2004
Broker:  The Hunte Corporation
Petshop:  Precious Puppies
Details: Eats his own feces.

ID: -2577
Date Submitted: 3/2/2005
Breed: Old English Sheepdog
Date Purchased: 1/3/2005
Broker:  The Hunte Corporation
Petshop:  Family of Pets AKA Family Puppy
Details: Psychological problem that makes him drink water constantly.


Name: Guevara, Laurie

Note: This breeder is unlicensed by USDA.  She is the daughter of Andrew Hunte (Hunte Corporation), and her name appeared as a breeder on several puppies that were imported from Hungary.  Federal law prohibits the sale of imported puppies before 4 months of age, and our organizations filed a complaint with the Center for Disease Control over the hundreds of puppies being imported by The Hunte Corporation.  As far as we know, no action was taken against Hunte or his daughter, and when we requested copies of CDC reports regarding the imports, we were told we would have to pay over $7000 upfront in order to get the information.  It appears that Andrew Hunte no longer imports puppies from Eastern Europe.