ID: 10895
Date Submitted: 4/21/2010
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier Shih Tzu
Date Purchased: 3/15/2010
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Preppy Pups (Carols Canines)
Details: possible kennel cough, collapsing trachea. 

Note: Breeder's name listed as Terri Gellin, however using the same address as this breeder, who is also unlicensed by USDA.

ID: 5868
Date Submitted: 6/23/2008
Breed: Schnoodle
Date Purchased: 4/23/2007
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Preppy Pups (Carols Canines)
Details: severe allergies -- environmental and food

ID: -3280
Date Submitted: 3/18/2006
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Date Purchased: 7/10/2003
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Preppy Pups (Carols Canines)
Details: Chronically runny eyes, hip displaysia, luxating patellas, and elbow dysplasia


Name: Derus, Carol
Address: P.O. Box 63
City: Clintonville
State: WI
Zip: 54929

USDA Inspections:
Unfortunately I have no inspections for this breeder.  You can order inspections using this link.

Unfortunately I have no inventory information for this breeder.

AKC Suspensions:
I have no suspension information for this breeder.

This breeder appears to be unlicensed by USDA.  There is a possibility that the breeder has recently been licensed and is not yet appearing on public record or the breeder may be exempt from licensing.  I will continue to monitor this breeder for any further activity.  In the meantime, if you feel your puppy was sold illegally, you can contact USDA to have the matter investigated.  A sample complaint form can be found at

Note: Because this is the second puppy I have researched on this breeder, and she is breeding mixed breeds, I suspect that she is acting in violation of the law by not holding a USDA license.  I recommend filing a complaint with USDA, using the link above.