ID: 1968
Date Submitted: 1/29/2007
Breed: Dachshund (standard and miniature)
Date Purchased: 4/6/2002
Broker:  Cannon, Thomas
Petshop:  Shake A Paw
Details: Several bouts of giardia soon after purchase. At approximately 20 weeks of age diagnosed with improper early healing of right hind leg epiphysis requiring osteotomy and lengthening of leg. Intervertebral disc disease at age 3 requiring emergency hemilaminectomy on his fifth birthday, followed by a second hemilamincetomy five weeks later for a second disc herniation. Very sweet,loving personality but somewhat nervous, afraid of open spaces, very sensitive to and afraid of sudden noises.


Name: Arrasmith, Ethel *
DBA: R. & E. Kennel
Address: R R 1 Box 64 A
City: Detroit
County: Red River
State: TX
Zip: 75436

USDA Inspections:
Notes: Unfortunately, I have no USDA inspections on this breeder.  You can order additional inspections from this website:


Date: 3/9/2000
Species: Puppy
Count: 45

Date: 3/9/2000
Species: Adult Dog
Count: 155

AKC Suspensions:
I have no suspension information for this breeder.

Nothing to report.