ID: 7828
Date Submitted: 1/15/2009
Breed: Boxer
Date Purchased: 6/28/2008
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Morning Calm Feed and Pet
Details: Allergies; demodectic mange

ID: 3451
Date Submitted: 8/30/2007
Breed: Pug
Date Purchased: 8/29/2007
Broker:  Hunte OK
Petshop:  Puppy Love
Details: Healthy

ID: 2944
Date Submitted: 6/18/2007
Breed: Boxer
Date Purchased: 5/27/2007
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Petland
Details: Healthy

ID: -3169
Date Submitted: 3/18/2006
Breed: Boxer
Date Purchased: 10/4/2005
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Pet Palace
Details: No problems noted.


Name: Kuhlman, Beverly **
DBA: Petland Kennel
Address: R.R. 2, Box 109
City: Gage
County: Ellis
State: OK
Zip: 73843

USDA Inspections:

Inspection File:  foia.pdf
Notes: If we have no USDA inspection reports on this breeder/broker, or the reports you see our outdated (inspections are normally conducted annually), please take just a moment of your time to help us update our databases.  Click on the link above to request the most recent inspection reports on the breeder and/or broker of your puppy.


Date: 1/13/2000
Species: Puppy
Count: 25

Date: 1/13/2000
Species: Adult Dog
Count: 70

AKC Suspensions:
I have no suspension information for this breeder.

Nothing to report.