ID: 11243
Date Submitted: 6/1/2010
Breed: Papillon
Date Purchased: 5/13/2010
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Puppy Cottage
Details: Kennel cough; pneumonia

ID: 10567
Date Submitted: 2/27/2010
Breed: Papillon
Date Purchased: 8/19/2002
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Petland
Details: Healthy

ID: 7008
Date Submitted: 10/16/2008
Breed: Miniature Pinscher
Date Purchased: 8/11/2005
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Wizard of Claws
Details: No problems noted.

ID: 6840
Date Submitted: 9/26/2008
Breed: Pomeranian
Date Purchased: 9/24/2002
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Animal Magnetism
Details: Luxating patellas, requiring surgery.  Had to be euthanized age 5 from auto-immune deficiency.

ID: 6664
Date Submitted: 8/28/2008
Breed: Bich-a-poo
Date Purchased: 5/1/2007
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  American Dog Club AKA American Kennel Assoc
Details: congenital hip dislocation

ID: 5778
Date Submitted: 6/11/2008
Breed: Poodle (Miniature and Toy)
Date Purchased: 5/11/2002
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Bark Avenue AKA Kinder Paws
Details: Colitis; giardia; elevated liver enzymes; hypoactive thyroid; severe eye infection; ear infections; vomiting and weakness; hospitalized at various times.

ID: 4613
Date Submitted: 2/13/2008
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Date Purchased: 8/22/2005
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Evergreen Pet Shop
Details: Healthy.

ID: -3599
Date Submitted: 12/30/2005
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Date Purchased: 5/16/2000
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Petland
Details: PRA. Completely blind by age 5.

ID: -3560
Date Submitted: 12/25/2005
Breed: Poodle (Miniature and Toy)
Date Purchased: 12/24/2005
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  East Rockaway Pet Supply
Details: uri

ID: -3317
Date Submitted: 11/8/2005
Breed: Chihuahua
Date Purchased: 8/31/2005
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Wizard of Claws
Details: Coughing, coccidia, giardia

ID: -3279
Date Submitted: 10/27/2005
Breed: Miniature Pinscher
Date Purchased: 10/28/2005
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Wizard of Claws
Details: Coughing, skin disorder, coccidia

ID: -3026
Date Submitted: 8/17/2005
Breed: Maltese
Date Purchased: 8/8/2005
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Wizard of Claws
Details: First puppy returned to store for exchange due to severe illness.  Second puppy diagnosed with pneumonia, coccidia and Giardia.

ID: -2550
Date Submitted: 2/24/2005
Breed: Papillon
Date Purchased: 2/21/2005
Broker:  Unknown
Petshop:  Pet Central
Details: Kennel Cough

ID: -207
Date Submitted: 2/24/2003
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Date Purchased: 8/1/2002
Broker:  :Rottinghaus, Kale & Sandra
Petshop:  Pj's Pet Center
Details: severe hip displaysia at 9 months


Name: :Heinen, Wayne & Linda
DBA: Hillside Kennel
Address: Rr 2 Box 69a
City: Goff
County: Nemaha
State: KS
Zip: 66428

USDA Inspections:

Date: 6/3/2009
Inspection File:  48-A-1396.pdf
Notes: The inspection date does not reflect the actual date of inspection, but instead the date in which our databases were updated with the most recent inspection.  Normally this file will contain inspection records between 2006-2009.

Date: 8/31/2004
Inspection File:  None Available
Notes: No non-compliant item(s) identified this inspection.
This inspection and exit interview was conducted with, Wayne Heinen (Owner), Dr. Richard Watkins (SAC), and Randall R. Wagner (ACI).

Date: 2/9/2004
Inspection File:  48-A-1396_FEB-09-2004.pdf
Notes: The licensee - Linda Heinen- transported in commerce dogs to Southwest Auction (43-B-0386) in Wheaton, MO. The date of sale was February 6, 2004. The health certificate accompanying these animals was dated January 22, 2004
#11 - pomeranian female 068 107 562
#12 - pomeranian female 053 552 044
#13 - pomeranian female 068 810 870
#14 - pomeranian female 067 582 893
#35 - golden retriever female 42526F4379
The date on the health certificates is 15 days prior to the sale date Health certificates must not be dated more than ten days prior to delivery of the animals. If the animals were shipped prior to the ten days permitted by this section, then the licensee must provide documentation of this transport. This affects 5 animals
To be corrected prior to transporting animals in commerce again.
This inspection was conducted by Jan Feldman - ACI and the staff of SW Auction (43-B-0386) in Wheaton, MO on Friday,
February 6, 2004 during the sale. This was a random inspection of paperwork accompanying dogs to the sale. This report was sent certified mail.
Please contact Jan Feldman - ACI by voice mail 703-812-6706 if you have any questions regarding this report.

Date: 6/12/2003
Inspection File:  None Available
Notes: 1. During the inspection in the new whelping area, last row of pens, top pen has a puppy with hair loss. This animal is in need of the vet. Care, for this could discomfort the animal.

2. Sundowner building 2, south side, bottom row, pen 2 from the east has a dog with hair loss. This animal is in need of vet. Care, for this could discomfort the animal.

3. 1 cocker, in the raised outdoor runs, left eye is red and inflamed. This animal is in need of vet. Care, for this could discomfort the animal. Also, the animal appears overweight and was panting hard during the inspection. With the summer months coming on a controlled climate (shelter or indoor housing) should be consider because this may discomfort the animal. To be corrected by, 6-20-03.

1. The raised outdoor runs housing the cockers, vinyl coated wire is broken in area and coming apart. New flooring is needed, for this broken flooring of injure or affect the range of motion of 10 animals. To be corrected by, 7-30-03.

1. Both sundowner buildings 1 & 2, 20 inside runs, vinyl coated expanded metal, vinyl is coming off and the metal is rusting and pitting. This does not allow for proper sanitation and the structural strength of the expanded metal is loss. The expanded metal is in need of being replaced, which could cause disease or injury (by loss its structural strength) to 45 animals. To be corrected by, 9-30-03.

Non-compliant item(s) previously identified that have been corrected :
Item(s) 3.1(c)(1)(ii), 3.1(c)(1), 3.6(a)(2)(x), & 3.11(a) have been corrected.
This inspection and exit interview was conducted with, Wayne Heinen, Linda Heinen(Owner's) and Randall R. Wagner(ACI).
Last inspection was 4-26-03.


Date: 1/10/2000
Species: Puppy
Count: 112

Date: 1/10/2000
Species: Adult Dog
Count: 225

Date: 1/8/2007
Species: Puppy
Count: 100

Date: 1/8/2007
Species: Adult Dog
Count: 308

Date: 6/27/2008
Species: Puppy
Count: 113

Date: 6/27/2008
Species: Adult Dog
Count: 262

AKC Suspensions:
I have no suspension information for this breeder.

Nothing to report.