ID: 4308
Date Submitted: 1/8/2008
Breed: Lhasa Apso
Date Purchased: 4/7/2004
Broker:  Lambriar 3
Petshop:  We Love Pets AKA Pets-R-Us
Details: Healthy.

ID: 1039
Date Submitted: 9/19/2006
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Date Purchased: 9/15/2006
Broker:  Hunte Misc
Petshop:  Petland Waterworks Mall
Details: purchased puppy 09/15/06 vet checked 09/19/06. vet diagnosis infective trachio broncitis, congested, and round worms.

ID: -1650
Date Submitted: 6/2/2004
Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Date Purchased: 2/7/2004
Broker:  Hunte Misc
Petshop:  Petland of Greenville 279
Details: She had runny nose, blocked tear ducts and coughing. Recently she had a spell where just colapsed feel over on here side  and wouldnt get up. After a few minutes she got up vomited and then seemed to be fine. My vet said it could had been she ate too much or it could have been a seizure/ epilepsy.


Name: Sanborn, Gary & Dorothy *
DBA: Countryside Kennel
Address: 45129 243rd Street
City: Madison
County: Lake
State: SD
Zip: 57042
This breeder has also used the following USDA Numbers:

Breeder/Broker: 46A0029  Sanborn, Gary & Dorothy  Notes: Additional information may be available at this link

USDA Inspections:

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Date: 10/17/2000
Species: Puppy
Count: 35

Date: 10/17/2000
Species: Adult Dog
Count: 63

AKC Suspensions:
I have no suspension information for this breeder.

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