ID: 813
Date Submitted: 8/16/2006
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Date Purchased: 2/11/2003
Breeder:  Light, Martin & Susan
Petshop:  Wizard of Claws AKA Celebrity Kennels
Details: Coccidia, Kennel Cough and Ring Worm which the whole family later contracted.  To this day she is extremly skiddish and frightend by any objects that one is holding in their hand (spoon, phones, purses, etc).  She  has bouts of collapsed trachea.  She is about 7 pounds when I was told she would be anwhere between 4 and 5 lbs.

ID: 719
Date Submitted: 8/2/2006
Breed: Rat Terrier
Date Purchased: 9/4/2005
Breeder:  Burnett, Ruth
Petshop:  Grand Ave. Pet Center
Details: Persistant kennel cough; demodectic mange; retained baby teeth.

ID: 702
Date Submitted: 8/1/2006
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Date Purchased: 7/26/2006
Breeder:  Craig, Dwayne (Glenda)
Petshop:  petland
Details: Diarrhea and cough but otherwise healthy so far.

ID: 698
Date Submitted: 8/1/2006
Breed: Schnauzer (Miniature)
Date Purchased: 4/6/2006
Breeder:  Oberbeck, Michael & Rosa
Petshop:  Lost World Pets
Details: Had a cold.

ID: 704
Date Submitted: 8/1/2006
Breed: Boston Terrier
Date Purchased: 6/10/2006
Breeder:  Franklin, Garry & Paula
Petshop:  MoonDoggies
Details: Healthy.

Note:  This breeder has not had a USDA license for very long and I don't have anything in my databases other than their address.

ID: 683
Date Submitted: 7/28/2006
Breed: Schnauzer (Miniature)
Date Purchased: 5/19/2006
Breeder:  Brinlee, R B Or Evelyn M.
Petshop:  National Breeder's Assoc. Inc.
Details: diagnosed w/kennel cough w/in 1 week of purchase-2 courses of antibiotic- had chest xrays-turned into brochitis bordering on pneumonia-another 2 antibiotics-still coughing-now vet says was probably pneumonia from the start and now on another antibiotic and still coughing - next step is hospitalization.

Note:  I regret that I don't have any information to share with you on this breeder other than her address.  Please use the link below to order this information from USDA.

ID: 680
Date Submitted: 7/27/2006
Breed: Siberian Husky
Date Purchased: 9/6/2004
Breeder:  Haneline, Vanessa
Petshop:  Rufus and Company
Details: My dog is i feel is very healthy but he has a different build then a normal husky and he is skinny.

ID: 676
Date Submitted: 7/27/2006
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Date Purchased: 7/15/2005
Breeder:  Johnson, Ginger
Petshop:  Bree's Pet Depot
Details: Luxating Patellas and back problems.  Does not appear purebred, weighs 11 lbs.

ID: 668
Date Submitted: 7/26/2006
Breed: Beagle
Date Purchased: 1/24/2004
Breeder:  O Dell, Kenna & Brian
Petshop:  Doogan's Pet Emporium
Details: Ear problems, hyper.  Otherwise healthy.

ID: 662
Date Submitted: 7/26/2006
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Date Purchased: 2/4/2003
Breeder:  Bobby & Gloria Semsch
Petshop:  Animal Kingdom
Details: No Problems Noted.

Phone number for breeder: 417-532-5944

ID: 656
Date Submitted: 7/25/2006
Breed: Pomeranian
Date Purchased: 1/4/2006
Breeder:  Leinbach, Allen & Anna
Petshop:  PJ's Pet Centres
Details: - Diagnosed with Giardia on initial new puppy exam. Giardia was present for 3 months - despite treatments with flagyl (100mg tablets) and Panacur (50mg). 3 rounds of medications necessary for him to be clear.

- Coughing treated with Clavamox - 2 rounds. Either kennel cough or reverse sneeze. Vet. Not sure, still present on occasion.

- Tobrex given for eye infection.

- Diagnosed with 3/4 severity, luxating patellas. Will require surgery when full grown

- Baby canines did not fall out, had to be removed while under anesthesia for neuter, which was delayed for months due to the previously mentioned cough. While waiting for the cough to subside so he could be neutered his gums started to turn blue from the baby teeth remaining. Pushed for the neuter despite the cough still being present.

- All the listed problems have occurred since I got the Pomeranian puppy. He is now 10 months old and I've had him for 7 months.

- Currently in a "battle" with the pet store, over me believing he is from a puppy mill, despite the store representatives trying to convince me otherwise

NOTE:  Although I have no inspections on this facility, the inventory reports show that they were inspected 4 times in a 6 months period.  Normally, USDA only inspects a facility every year.  Frequent inspections such as this, are usually indicative of very serious problems with the facility.  I suggest using the link below to order inspection reports from USDA.  Once you obtain the reports, please contact me.  Adding them to this breeder's page will be very helpful to future and/or potential pet shop customers obtaining puppies bred by this breeder.

ID: 650
Date Submitted: 7/25/2006
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Date Purchased: 7/15/2005
Breeder:  Terhardt, Richard & Mc Grew, Dorothy
Petshop:  Bree's Pet Depot
Details: Lung Worms

ID: 649
Date Submitted: 7/25/2006
Breed: Basset Hound
Date Purchased: 6/16/2006
Breeder:  Elizabeth Emery
Petshop:  Petland Inc. #236
Details: Kennel Cough.

Note that I am also unable to locate any information on this breeder.  I'm sorry I couldn't provide you with more information.

ID: 639
Date Submitted: 7/23/2006
Breed: Maltese
Date Purchased: 7/22/2006
Breeder:  Boston, Jeffrey & Gonnella, Gail
Petshop:  Fox Mill Pets
Details: Right testes smaller than left, underbite

ID: 638
Date Submitted: 7/22/2006
Breed: Pomeranian
Date Purchased: 2/18/2006
Breeder:  Hughes, Ann
Petshop:  Puppy Planet
Details: No problems noted.

Note that this is a newly licensed breeder, and I have no inspections  on them in my databases.

ID: 628
Date Submitted: 7/20/2006
Breed: Japanese Chin
Date Purchased: 6/20/2006
Breeder:  Weaver, Shellie & Shelly
Petshop:  Petland
Details: Luxating Patellas.

ID: 618
Date Submitted: 7/19/2006
Breed: x
Date Purchased: 7/11/2004
Breeder:  Craig, Dwayne (Glenda)
Petshop:  Animal Kingdom- Metro center Mall
Details: Buddy was diagnosed with Genetic Ostersarcoma located in his bones (rib area) when he was 1 1/2 years old, he recently passed away at just two and a half years of age. He was a Labradoodle and a beloved pet who had to suffer a serious illness.

ID: 596
Date Submitted: 7/15/2006
Breed: Golden Retriever
Date Purchased: 3/29/2002
Breeder:  Hermsmeyer, Duane
Petshop:  Randy's Tropical Fish & Pets
Details: Small for breed, housebreaking issues.  Needed nutrient gel, and drops when bought.  Also had giardia and cocidiia.

ID: 593
Date Submitted: 7/14/2006
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Date Purchased: 5/7/2006
Breeder:  Yoder, Mose
Petshop:  animal kingdon
Details: Healthy.

ID: 578
Date Submitted: 7/11/2006
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Date Purchased: 6/29/2006
Breeder:  Various Breeders
Petshop:  Family Pet Centers
Details: Had an umbilical hernia repair on 5/25/06, otherwise healthy

ID: 553
Date Submitted: 7/8/2006
Breed: Chihuahua
Date Purchased: 6/4/2006
Breeder:  Carter, Cheryl
Petshop:  Petland
Details: Hernia repair and kennel cough.  Unable to find info on dam to register with AKC.  I was also unable to find any information, and this licensee is newly licensed so I have no information-you will have to use the link below to order inspections from USDA.

ID: 552
Date Submitted: 7/7/2006
Breed:  Unknown Breed
Date Purchased: 6/21/2006
Breeder:  Taylor, Mark Or Stacie
Petshop:  Petland
Details: Healthy.


Name: Hunte
Address: 121 N Royhill Blvd
City: Goodman
State: MO
Zip: MO
This breeder has also used the following USDA Numbers:

Breeder/Broker: 43B0123  The Hunte Corporation  Notes: None
Breeder/Broker: 43B0123A  Hunte II  Notes: None
Breeder/Broker: 43B0123B  Hunte III  Notes: None

USDA Inspections:
Unfortunately I have no inspections for this broker.  You can order inspections using this link.

Unfortunately I have no inventory information for this broker.

AKC Suspensions:
I have no suspension information for this broker.

Nothing to report.