ID: 1660
Date Submitted: 12/28/2006
Breed: Pomeranian
Date Purchased: 12/2/2006
Broker:  Lambriar 2
Petshop:  National Breeder's Assoc. Inc.
Details: No problems noted.

ID: -2315
Date Submitted: 12/23/2004
Breed: American Eskimo
Date Purchased: 10/1/2003
Broker:  Lambriar, Inc.
Petshop:  pets r us
Details: she had very severe separation anxiety, giardia.


Name: Wininger, Louie *
Address: Rural Route 2, Box 2300
City: Dora
County: Ozark
State: MO
Zip: 65637

USDA Inspections:

Description:  LOUIE WININGER
Date: 4/6/2004
Inspection File:  None Available
Notes: There were no noncompliant items observed in this inspection. This inspection was conducted by Katy Vernon, ACI and Louie Wininger, owner. The last inspection was done on 6 May, 2002.

Description:  LOUIE WININGER
Date: 10/29/2001
Inspection File:  None Available
Notes: Inventory: Adults-21, Puppies-5 The inspection conduction by Louie Wininger, Owner, and Sandra Meek, ACI. No non-compliances identified this inspection.

Inspection File:  43-A-3453_MAY-06-2002.pdf

Notes: Current/additional inspections can be ordered from USDA at this website: