ID: 5342
Date Submitted: 4/17/2008
Breed: American Eskimo
Date Purchased: 8/26/2007
Broker:  Hunte IA
Petshop:  The Pet Company
Details: In second home.

ID: 1208
Date Submitted: 10/19/2006
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Date Purchased: 9/12/2006
Broker:  Hunte IA
Petshop:  Petland
Details: Healthy.


Name: Miller, Nelson *
DBA: Miller Kennels
Address: 1046 Kiwi Ave
City: Kalona
County: Washington
State: IA
Zip: 52247

USDA Inspections:

Inspection File:  None Available
Notes: You can order inspection reports from USDA at this website:

Unfortunately I have no inventory information for this breeder.

AKC Suspensions:
I have no suspension information for this breeder.

Nothing to report.